5 real stories about interviews “today” from a recruiter. Or how a candidate does NOT need to behave in an interview

We live in interesting times. Much that is common today, people could not imagine before. For example, car sharing, remote work or video interviews. The world has changed, but people are not lagging behind either. Some candidates, even given the current circumstances, surprise recruiters a lot.

I want to tell you about five cases from my personal interviewing experience. I hope that this article will be read not only by recruiters, but also by candidates, so that there are fewer such incidents.

1. A twenty-year-old girl who has just graduated from college came to the interview. I take her to the meeting room, we begin to communicate. And she has gum in her mouth. The girl talks to me and continues to chew gum. A few minutes later I ask her if she wants to get rid of this inappropriate “accessory”. To which I get the answer that, they say, she always chews gum, even at home with her parents, even at the university in lectures and so on. And she doesn’t understand what doesn’t suit her, because no one said anything before …

2. Once a very representative candidate came to us for the vacancy of a Sales Manager. It was pleasant to look at him: a suit, a tie, boots polished to a mirror shine, a briefcase in his hands. And everything would be cool if not for the earpiece. The strange habit of some people wearing wireless headphones all the time is a little intimidating. I just want to ask: “Do you go to the shower with them?” In addition to me, there was a potential leader of the candidate at the interview. Of course, we asked the young man to remove the earpiece so that we all could communicate more comfortably. And he categorically refused with a comment that he needed to quickly answer calls if someone calls. And this is the same strange – what kind of calls can there be during an interview? It is assumed that the candidate mutes the phone before the meeting starts …

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3. But this story ended as quickly as it began. A young girl came to the reception for the postition of secretary … with a small dog in a small purse. It certainly looks cute somewhere on the street. But when applying for a job, the dog gets in the way. The girl and I talked, and it turned out that she would go to work with her baby too. Because the dog is bored at home alone, there is no one to leave with and “in general, there is nothing like that in this.” I had to part with the girl without an interview, since we did not accept dogs for work …

4. When I was working as a recruiter at a bank, a guy came to my interview on a scooter. He literally came. He just refused to leave his vehicle in the lobby because he had nothing to fasten it with. And when he went up to our floor, he moved along the corridor on a scooter, and on it he entered the office of the Personnel Recruitment Department. We could ignore this fact if the guy had a nicer smell. Still, playing sports, even riding scooters, leave traces …

5. Well, at the end I would like to share a composite image of interviews on Skype. I don’t even remember the meme about a candidate in a shirt, tie and shorts, believe me. The more online interviews I conduct, the more funny stories I collect in my piggy bank. For example, sometimes candidates get in touch from the kitchen. The secretary girl put the laptop so that I saw the whole interview behind her back a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. And once I had to tell a woman accountant that a saucepan was boiling on her stove. She didn’t hear the gurgling, but I saw powerful steam coming out of the saucepan. But even if the candidate communicates from the room, there are many funny situations. For example, behind the back of a young mother, a boy of about five years old tried to play “teasers” with me. Well, I don’t know how many times I saw husbands, wives and grandmothers running past behind the candidates.

Why am I saying all this. The young modern generation often does not distinguish between ordinary life (everyday life) and the business sphere. Well, you can’t come to the bank for interviews on scooters and come with dogs! Unfortunately, in most of the cases described above, job candidates did not get to us.

Perhaps, in the future, something will change, and employers will not look at what, how and with whom you go to work. But that time has definitely not come yet. Be attentive, dear applicants, and think before contacting recruiters. Especially if the vacancy is really interesting to you or it is “your dream job”.

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